Longan Export Development Consultant (Negotiable)

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  • Full time
  • Phnom Penh

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Job Description

Job Responsibilities (ទំនូលខុសត្រូវការងារ):

Title: Consultant of market assistance to assist local processors and exporters to access to export markets

Type (Local or International): Cambodian Independent Consultant

Duration of Assignment: 30 days starting work in December 2020 and finishing in June 2021


  • The selected consultant will be qualified to assist the longan subsector access export markets through:
  • Identifying target markets and exploring new business opportunities.
  • Providing marketing assistance to assist local processors/exporters to access and meet the needs of export markets.
  • Establishing direct links of domestic processors and exporters with customers in export markets.
  • The consultant will work with a minimum of 5 exporters and processors (maximum 10) to accomplish the following steps:
  • Step 1: Collect Information to Evaluate Export Readiness. Collect information from all Processors/Exporters and their suppliers
  • Meet processors and exporters; visit their processing operation and plants.
  • Interview each business owner to learn more about how they perform their daily production process and understand accurately their recent logistics and supply chain costs, mainly in packaging, labeling, transporting, storing and their raw materials and finished products managing in warehouse before being exported to the market.
  • Collect information from each respective business owner about their raw materials supply chain, such as who are their first tier suppliers and who are their second tier or third suppliers, their strengths and weaknesses, and how far they are located from the processing plant.
  • What is each respective business owner’s raw materials supply capacity (including raw materials sourced from their own plantation) to support their daily production process.
  • Step 2: Prepare Improvement Recommendations and Training Program. Prepare an action plan for each business entity based on information above in step 1 in order to facilitate and to help them to develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Draft an SOP for each respective business owner/entity based on the nature of their business.
  • Draft action recommendations for their operation and supply chain improvement, for more effective time management in their operation, and for improved communication processes in their daily business in the context of Covid-19 pandemic. Highlight any opportunities to adopt the use of modern information technology to improve the effectiveness of their information exchange with their local and international business partners.
  • Draft a training course for improving international trade performance, especially focusing on logistics & supply chain management and international trade challenges, and how to address these challenges in practical ways. Subjects within these courses should help participants gain more capability and confidence in improving their international trade performance.
  • Step 3: Put action plan in practice, building real practices and capacity. To support their implement according to the Action Plan
  • Advise business owners and their teams with recommendations and the necessity for changes to their operations procedures according to the assessments conducted.
  • Discuss the drafted SOP with owners and their teams and agree on changes to put in practice.
  • Assist owners and their teams to put SOP in practices tailored for each respective business, then follow up their performance.
  • To conduct training course in logistics & supply chain management as well as international trade for all processors/exporters. The training program should be focused on practical in Logistics & Supply Chain in International Trade in order to make them to gain more capacities and to be confident in doing International Trade with their oversea partners.
  • More technical jobs will be defined after tracking and auditing their performance.
  • Step 4: Build overseas market connections to customers for local processors/ exporters. Build overseas market connection capacity for all actors.
  • To communicate with networks in export countries.
  • To send products sample (picture, video and products) to exports countries.
  • To facilitate Trade Negotiation and bank loan.
  • Deliverables:
  • Collecting Information and Evaluation Process: Consultant will deliver the result on data report of logistic and supply chain management of each processor/exporters and recommendation for their next plan
  • Assessing and Preparing Action Plan : Consultant will deliver draft SOP, advise and training course for processors/exporters
  • To put action plan in practices and building real practices and capacity and conducting training course. Consultant will provide SOP review and training online/offline course in Logistics & Supply Chain Management as well as International Trade to processors/exporters
  • Building overseas market connection. Consultant will provide the list of oversea buyers’ address contact and their each standard requirement
  • Auditing and Modifying SOP. Consultant will provide result in percentage of processors/exports and item adoption of SOP.

Education and Requirments (កម្រិតវប្បធម៏ និងតម្រូវការ):

  • High experience as consultant/trainer in Logistics, Supply Chain Management and International Trade.
  • Experience in working on logistic management at any port is preferred.
  • Experience as owner or manager in logistic management of any import & export company
  • At least graduated bachelor in international trade.

Contact Information

  • HR Department
  • CambodiaJobs@abtassoc.com
  • #11A, Street 370, Boeng Keng Kang Ti Muoy Sangkat, Chamkar Mon Khan, Phnom Penh Capital, Cambodia
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