Junior PHP/Laravel Student

  • Developer
  • Full time
  • Phnom Penh

Job Information

Job Description

Learn web and mobile programing from our Senior developers for 2 months

Job Requirements

  1. Applicable for student year 3 and above
  2. Learn Web and Mobile application programing from our senior developers for 2 months
  3. Qualification examination for full time job offer
    Compensation & Benefits

Company Profile

FieldBi is a first software company who provide total solution for FMCG from SFA-Sales force automation, DMS-Distribution Management System, BA-Brand Ambassador down to MCrew-Merchandising Crew. FieldBi is set and build up a dynamic khmer developer team to support our business in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.

Contact Information

  • HR
    HR Manager
  • 85587893456
  • hr@fieldbi.com
  • Phnom Penh Building 94, Street 21
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