Java Development Engineer

  • Developer ,IT & Computers
  • Full time
  • Phnom Penh

Job Information

Job Description

Job Description

1. Java has a solid foundation, and Java concurrent programming needs to be able to be applied reasonably in combination with scenarios
2. Familiar with object-oriented programming, familiar with common design patterns
3. A certain understanding of MySQL database, able to locate and deal with problems quickly
4. You need to master at least one mainstream microservice/RPC framework: Dubbo / Spring Cloud
5. Have a certain understanding and mastery of middleware (cache/message/retrieval/storage, etc.)
6. Be serious and responsible for work, have a strong sense of responsibility, have good teamwork spirit, communication skills, and be able to withstand certain work pressures
7. Good analysis and problem-solving skills, willing to solve challenging problems
8. Understand Linux and some commonly used commands

Job Requirements

1. Responsible for software product design and R&D maintenance
2. Participate in the design and review of requirements
3. Daily system maintenance and related IT requirements
· Education level must be graduated
· Experience 3 years at least
· Communication skill
· Multitask, Flexible
· Good Work-Ethic
· Physical abilities
Compensation & Benefits

Company Profile

Super App/Cambodian Single Point is a life service e-commerce platform founded by Cambodia Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Cambodia Super App Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 2020. It is mainly engaged in online take-out and new retail instant food delivery, and catering supply chain and other businesses. With the mission of creating a simple life, Cambodia is committed to using the new technology to create a leading one-stop service platform in Southeast Asia and the world, to promote the digitization process in Southeast Asia and bring a new Internet life experience

Contact Information

010 799 722
Phnom Penh

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