Head Finance & Tax Manager, Chinese well, PreahVihear Province/PNP

  • Accounting / Finance
  • Full time
  • Oddor Meanchey

Job Information

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    Salary Negotiable / Monthly
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    Job Level : Manager

Job Description


1. Ensure Process of Data collection is managed effectively in order to maximize financial claim.2. Manage and coordinate data entry process to ensure accurate information is recorded by Information Team within agreed deadlines.3. Coordinate the development and continuous improvement of document/information distribution process by seeking more efficient and cost-effective methods (including liaising with internal and external customers).4. Proactively manage the communication and transfer of information between Partner Provider Team and the Information Team to ensure overall data integrity.5. Proactively liaise with field based personnel to ensure all information collected, validated and processed in Customer/Vision within agreed deadlines.6. Ensure that the funding body data submission cycle is managed effectively for all contracts, including.7. Reconciliation of information across all systems and reports to ensure accuracy.8. Effective and proactive use of any externally available tools such as the Learner Information Suite (LIS), including meaningful analyses of relevant Data Self-Assessment Toolkit (DSATS) leading to management reports and recommendations.9. To achieve final monthly submissions with fewer than the national average ‘queries per learner’ as identified by the funding body across all areas of criteria.10. Analysis and implementation of appropriate technology and software solutions (Financial system software) to facilitate effective access to necessary information across the company.11. Management of timeliness, accuracy and appropriateness of information available to support the performance management cycles across the company, including Sales volumes, Error reporting, Timely success rates, Non-starters, Past planned end date, Equality and Diversity and Other statistical measures that are introduced in the future.12. Management of timeliness, accuracy and appropriateness of information available to support key business decisions across the company including Resource requirements, Financial Funding rates.13. Proactively manage poor performance supported by the People Services team through target setting and monthly review.14. Develop and maintain a training plan for team members to improve individual and team performance.15. Hold Financial regular and team meetings with actions recorded and monitored.


* Liaise with external consultants to plan and prepare for mock audit and take an active role to make improvements post report* Support the Operations and Finance Directors to plan, prepare and co-ordinate external audits and take an active role to make improvements post report* Work with the Quality Committee and Partner Provider Manager to support all external audit processes in line with contractual requirements to ensure that the GFM and data are compliant* Support the quality improvement cycle by carrying out internal quality and compliance audits of all data and GFN functions

* Language should Chinese well than English, also Khmer too..,

*Working base: at Preahvihear 1post, Phnom Penh 1post

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