Electrical and Mechanical Engineer(机电工程师)

  • Technician / Maint.
  • Full time
  • Kandal

Job Information

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    Salary Negotiable / Monthly

Job Description

Job Description

(Electrical and Mechanical Engineer)

  1. Under the leadership of the project manager, be responsible for the daily maintenance of the project to ensure the operation of the project’s facilities and equipment;
  2. Responsible for the repair, maintenance and control of water, electricity and related equipment in the project;
  3. Regularly or irregularly inspect the project facilities and equipment to ensure the general operation of important facilities such as power distribution room, water, electricity, air conditioning, broadcasting, monitoring, etc., and promptly remove faults, and report the problems that cannot be handled in time;
  4. Responsible for supervising the safe use of electricity and checking the electricity use at any time;
  5. Complete other tasks arranged by the leader;

Job Requirements

  1. College degree or above, 22-45 years old, 1-3 years of engineering related working experience;
  2. Good past work performance.
  3. Good communication skills in Chinese or English;
  4. Have relevant maintenance and repair experience according to specific job needs

Company Profile

The core business of Samanea is the operation of the mall, covering multi-style professional market and logistics center, providing operational carriers for product display, transaction and circulation; providing comprehensive services as the highlight, providing logistics, finance and marketing for the enterprises that are stationed. A package of service solutions such as exhibitions. Xingmei Liya is also developing in a timely manner, creating a new business model for online and offline integration.


Contact Information

  • San Hen
  • HR Manager
  • 0968809000
  • sanhen@samanea.com
  • Prey Rokar Village, Chhak Chheu Neang Commune, Ang Snuol District, Kandal Province, Cambodia
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