Customer Service – 中文客服

  • Customer Srvs.
  • Full time
  • Phnom Penh

Job Information

Job Description

  • 在线解答客户询单
  • 处理订单相关业务
  • 处理订单售后
  • Answer customer inquiries online;
  • Processing order related business;
  • After processing the order

Job Requirements

  • 踏实认真
  • 精通中文柬文,能够流利沟通
  • 接受轮班制工作
  • 面试后可先试岗1天
  • Be steadfast
  • Proficient in Chinese Khmer and able to communicate fluently
  • Accept shift work
  • You can try your job for 1 day after the interview

Company Profile

Super App/Cambodian Single Point is a life service e-commerce platform founded by Cambodia Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Cambodia Super App Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 2020. It is mainly engaged in online take-out and new retail instant food delivery, and catering supply chain and other businesses. With the mission of creating a simple life, Cambodia is committed to using the new technology to create a leading one-stop service platform in Southeast Asia and the world, to promote the digitization process in Southeast Asia and bring a new Internet life experience

Contact Information

  • 010 799 722 / 85510799722
  • Phnom Penh
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