Business Development Manager

  • Human Resources ,Management
  • Full time
  • Phnom Penh

Job Information

Job Description

Job Description

1. Undertake Chinese supplier customers, coordinate supplier resources, and be responsible for department internal process development and execution
2. Develop growth strategies and plans
3. Manage and maintain relationships with existing customers
4. Increase customer base
5. Have a deep understanding of commercial products and value propositions
6. Write business proposal
7. Negotiate with stakeholders
8. Identify and map business advantages and customer needs
9. Research business opportunities and viable sources of income
10. Follow local and international industry trends
11. Drafting and reviewing contracts
12. Report success and areas for improvement

1. 承接中方供应商客户,供应商资源协调,负责部门内部流程拓展与执行
2. 制定增长战略和计划
3. 管理和保持与现有客户的关系
4. 增加客户群
5. 对商业产品和价值主张有深入的了解
6. 撰写业务建议书
7. 与利益相关者谈判
8. 确定并绘制业务优势和客户需求
9. 研究商机和可行的收入来源
10. 关注本地和国际行业趋势
11. 起草和审查合同
12. 报告成功和需要改进的领域

Job Requirements

•Possess a variety of products resources in Cambodia, especially in Clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetic product, toiletry supplier.
•Good purchasing negotiation ability and communication and coordination ability, with rich experience in supplier management and operation.
•High-level communication skills
•Stakeholder management skills
•Proven ability to negotiate
•Experience with design and implementation of business development strategy
•The ability to self-motivate and motivate a team
•Experience working to and exceeding targets

Compensation & Benefits

Company Profile

Super App/Cambodian Single Point is a life service e-commerce platform founded by Cambodia Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Cambodia Super App Information Technology Co., Ltd. in 2020. It is mainly engaged in online take-out and new retail instant food delivery, and catering supply chain and other businesses. With the mission of creating a simple life, Cambodia is committed to using the new technology to create a leading one-stop service platform in Southeast Asia and the world, to promote the digitization process in Southeast Asia and bring a new Internet life experience

Contact Information
010 799 722
Phnom Penh

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