Assistant Principal (Negotiable)

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Job Description

Job Responsibilities (ទំនូលខុសត្រូវការងារ):

The Assistant Principal is a middle leader of the school leadership team and reports to the school principal for all processes, proposals, changes and approvals.

The Assistant Principal will provide technical support to the coordinator in the areas of teaching and learning and training.

The Assistant Principal is responsible for the smooth and seamless functioning of the procedures and processes of their Harrods campus/programme.



  • Work collaboratively with colleagues, families and the wider education community to facilitate learning by students and engage in change to improve education.
  • Principal & Senior School Leaders
  • School Staff
  • Students
  • Parents/Families/Caregivers
  • The Assistant Principal is directly responsible to the Principal for:
  • The development and implementation of the designated area of responsibility and
  • the teaching of these areas to designated groups of staff or students.
  • Ensuring the health and safety of students and fellow employees.
  • Maintaining any place or equipment designated or chosen for specific activities or associated with the role.
  • Demonstrate leadership through their presence at all events at RIS.
  • Supervision and coordination of students and staff in the event that the Principal is unavailable.
  • Attend Leadership meetings as required.
  • Work in collaboration with other leaders and coordinators to facilitate the alignment and consistency of the school’s programme of study.
  • Apply curriculum knowledge and teaching methods which facilitate successful learning
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships.
  • Provide a balanced and challenging EY and/or PY programme(s) relevant to the needs of the students.
  • Assess, record, and report learner achievements.
  • Establish structures and processes to achieve a productive learning environment while responding to learners’ needs.
  • Employ behaviour management strategies which ensure a safe, orderly and successful learning environment.
  • Ensure that confidential information is handled appropriately.
  • Carry out other non‐instructional responsibilities which are part of the role ‐ e.g. support and adhere to school policies; carry out routine tasks including record keeping, surveys, distribution of materials; exercise a duty of care; and improve skills, knowledge and performance through professional development and performance appraisals.
  • Lead a team of teachers and education support persons to achieve best practice in the designated leadership role.
  • Support and represent the ethos of RIS.
  • Lead a team of teachers and education support staff (if relevant) to achieve best practice in the designated leadership role.
  • Complete administrative tasks including record keeping accurately and on time.
  • Participate in professional development activities which lead to improved student outcomes and strengthen the professionalism of the teacher, as directed by the school principal.
  • Develop and maintain effective professional partnerships with other staff.
  • Attend staff meetings, parent teacher interviews and other co‐curricular activities.
  • Accept delegated responsibilities.
  • Have a commitment to uphold and contribute to the ethos of the schools.
  • Appropriately assist students who are hurt, sick or in distress.
  • Meet and teach students at designated locations and times.
  • Undertake supervision duties diligently.
  • Undertakes supervision of all teachers, Education Support Staff and students in the designated leadership role.
  • Understand the employer’s requirements and act in accordance with HIA policies, guidelines and procedures.
  • Operate in accordance with the code of conduct for teachers.
  • Where two staff members are appointed to share a leadership role, each person will work collaboratively to fulfil the tasks assigned to the role.
  • The Assistant Principal works with the team of homeroom teachers and subject teachers who, together, are responsible for the students’ pastoral care, welfare, academic progress, spiritual growth and for establishing and maintaining a spirit of cooperation and development of RIS’s principles within the year levels.
  • The Assistant Principal will also plan and implement a program of professional learning that will be suitable for school staff, in collaboration with the person/people responsible to conduct internal teacher training within the school(s).
  • Facilitate external training when/where needed.
  • Through participation in Leadership Meetings, the Assistant Principal will bring school perspectives to our decision‐making as the school Leadership Team.
  • The Assistant Principal is responsible for:
  • Conducting meetings with all teachers and sub‐groups as appropriate.
  • Coordinating orientation days and programs.
  • Coordinating Activities Day.
  • Complete confidential fortnightly reports in the prescribed format to the Principal regarding staff and teacher issues of concern, which need the leadership team’s attention.
  • Complete confidential monthly reports in the prescribed format to the Principal regarding informative updates on all areas of School for which he/she is responsible.
  • All dealings in regard to student care and welfare should be consistent with the school’s Student Behaviour Management Policy. The Coordinator is the next point of referral, after the homeroom teacher, for students experiencing difficulties or seeking counselling.
  • The Coordinator will:
  • Discuss with students and parents any difficulties in regard to academic, social, or behavioural matters or concerns, and liaise with teachers when and if appropriate on these matters.
  • Collate information from subject or class teachers about students with difficulties and respond accordingly.
  • If the Principal is unavailable, advise students and parents about academic subjects, course requirements and school expectations.
  • Negotiate between students and teachers, when appropriate.
  • Arrange Special Educational Needs protocols when required.
  • Attending teachers’ meetings and other relevant meetings as required.
  • Complete confidential weekly reports in the prescribed format to the Principal detailing all students of concern regarding attendance, lateness, serious or frequent uniform breaches, behavioural, social or academic concerns or any other matters which should be brought to the attention of the Principal.
  • Student Behaviour Management
  • The Assistant Principal is the next point of referral, after the homeroom teacher, for unsatisfactory student behaviour.
  • The Assistant Principal will:
  • Discuss appropriate strategies with students, teachers and parents
  • Liaise with school Principal regarding students’ behaviour, difficulties etc.
  • Act on concerns about the state of classrooms, the school yard, the toilet block etc.
  • Inform teachers of action taken in response to student misbehaviour.
  • Monitor and reinforce school policy, particularly in regard to student uniform, lateness, absenteeism and student non‐commitment or non‐completion of work requirements.
  • In consultation with the Principal, decide on appropriate consequences ‐ e.g. detention and supervision.
  • Contacting parents by phone, letter or interview.
  • Administration
  • Check daily attendance and lateness for class period and lessons. Report problems to
  • Front desk and follow‐up with class teachers and students.
  • Induct students who arrive during the year and ensure that the students are familiar with the school’s facilities, practices and procedures.
  • Inform the Principal, if students have, or are believed to be contemplating, leaving the school.
  • Develop event and resource budget submissions.
  • Monitor and Maintain the exam records, placement tests, assessments and other learner outcome records within the school and record on the school databases.
  • Control IEYC and/or IPC budgets.
  • Organisation and supervision of routines and activities
  • Assemblies
  • End of year procedures specific to each year level.
  • Other routines or activities when appropriate ‐ e.g. open days, international days, school events, graduation etc…
  • Prior to the start of Term 1 determine the LA Roster for breaks and lunch times, in collaboration with the Campus Supervisor/LA Supervisor.
  • Attendance at school events scheduled for marketing, promotions, EXPOs, calendar events etc… is mandatory.
  • Ensure the school classrooms and areas are tidy, organised and well presented, with particular attention paid to pin boards, items on display and the state of classrooms and lockers.


  • Duties as required, particularly for evacuation and fire drills.
  • As a member of staff at RIS, you must:
  • Take reasonable care for your own health and safety.
  • Take reasonable care that your actions or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other people.
  • Comply, in so far as you are reasonably able to, with any reasonable instruction given by the employer.
  • Cooperate with any reasonable policy or procedure of the employer that is related to health and safety at the workplace that has been notified to workers.

Education and Requirments (កម្រិតវប្បធម៏ និងតម្រូវការ):

  • Master Degree/Bachelor in Education, English or other relevant certificates
  • Experience in Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum and similar type of work with international school and other institutions of at least three years;
  • Holder of TESOL/TEFL/CELTA is desirable
  • Computer proficient in Ms. Word, Excel, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Outlook and the Internet;
  • Strong management and leadership skills.
  • Knowledge on school operations;
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with management team, academic team and clients.
  • Clean criminal record check from home country.

Contact Information

  • HR Department
  • 077 982 182 /023 982 999
  • Building #4, Street 310, Boeng Keng Kang Ti Muoy Sangkat, Boeng Keng Kang Khan, Phnom Penh Capital, Cambodia
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