Agribusiness and Digital Marketing Specialist (National Consultant)

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  • Full time
  • Phnom Penh

Job Information

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    Salary Negotiable / Monthly

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide support to MAFF and NCDDS PMUs for the implementation of the CMA/ICT program with a particular focus on the introduction of digital marketing in the agriculture sector for improving supply chain linkages and strengthening value chains for selected commodities.
  • Work closely with the MAFF/PMU Rural ICT Coordinator, Extension, Digital Services and Marketing Officer and the Digital Collection and Content Development Officer and as well as the NCDDS Livelihood Improvement Group (LIG) and Rural ICT Coordinator in the identification/verification of farmers’ information (content and receiving medium) needs and the planning of all activities related to the CMA/ICT program and especially in regard to the acquisition and sharing of agricultural marketing information in cooperation with the MAFF Agricultural Marketing Office under the Department of Planning and Statistics.
  • Contribute to the design and assist in the delivery of training for the CMAWs and the brokers from the 100 MIGs to assist them to make beneficial use of ICT.
  • Conduct an assessment of the markets for selling produce by the MIGs and PSGs, and where relevant the agribusiness enterprises (ABEs), with a particular focus on the urban marketing opportunities, and assess the logistics, payments and other options for online marketing and sales of agricultural products from rural areas into the main urban centers.
  • Consult with representatives of the MIGs and PSGs to assess their state of readiness for the introduction of online marketing and trading platforms and encourage their participation in the phased transition to the use of ICTs and to seek opportunities for greater aggregation of supply.
  • Collaborate closely with the MPTC team in the design and delivery of the trainings for CMAWs, AERISOs, PAMRICs and selected MIGs and act as a resource person for the training on digital marketing/e-commerce support.
  • Develop an online marketing presence platform for the participating MIGs and PSGs.
  • Undertake other duties as directed by the PIC team leader.

Job Requirements:

** Specific outputs:

  • Assessment of markets for selling produce by MIGs and PSGs as well as ABEs.
  • Assessment of readiness of MIGs and PSGs for the introduction of on-line marketing.
  • On-line marketing presence platform for participating MIGs and PSGs.

** Minimum qualifications

  • A Master’s degree in agribusiness/agricultural marketing and with at least five years of experience in agribusiness and digital trade and/or marketing with a focus on the use of digital and mobile technologies in Cambodia.
  • Knowledge of online marketing and trading logistics, and fintech as well as agricultural trading logistics, particularly those currently operating in the local market.
  • Knowledge of trends in the use of mobile technologies for agricultural and rural development and in the use of ICT for empowerment of women, youth and smallholder farmers.
  • Knowledge of digital information systems, excellent computer skills as well as the use of cloud computing, geographic information systems (GIS, mobile Applications (Apps) and the use of open data tool-kits. Sound knowledge and previous experiences in basic video making / editing will be an asset.
  • Good English communication skills, written and spoken and report writing capability.
  • Willing to undertake field travel to remote rural areas for visiting target communes.

*** For interested candidates, please submit your CV as soon as possible to:

  • CSCS Cornerstone Co., Ltd
  • Tel: 0963855666

Contact Person

  • Phone:023 72 64 42 / 023 72 64 02/ 0963855666
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