Agency Business Manager

  • Human Resources ,Management
  • Full time
  • Phnom Penh

Job Information

Job Description

Job Description

The Employee is responsible for:
• Assist to lead Agency planning team comprising to Agency record, planning, reporting
• Assist manager to implement projects related to Agency sales plan
• Support supervisor to develop/implement the Agency channel guideline in order to ensure the quality of Agency performance
• Supervise requirements planning for department, division, project, or organization
• Prepare memo, requirements and update manual/ Agency handbook
• Coordinate the budget for Agency channel activities and events organization
• Participate in sales training, refreshment training for Agency salesforce
• Plan recruitment and sales events of the Agency channel
• Support and facilitate Agency sales activities plan
• Assist supervisor to set KPI for Agency salesforce
• Gather competitor information and adjust to the current marketing needs
• Join, plan and support CSR activity as needed
• Monitor and evaluate of the Agency sales result against the projection
• Responsible of all equipment or properties of the company (e.g. Fax, Photocopier machine, Scanner, Printer, etc.)
• Conducting daily meetings and coaching / motivational activities
• Submitting the Daily case submission forecast and reporting at the end of the day, cases submitted
• Providing Weekly Development Plan report and updating weekly on the progress
• Organizing indoor/ outdoor activities e.g. Career and Sales Seminar for Recruitment & Sales, workshops, sales canvassing, etc.
• Ensuring candidates are registered each new Induction Class
• Reporting of all incidences or issues immediately.

Job Requirements

Patient and aggressive to push sale
Excellent in English
>=4 years of work experience related
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